About The SD Lab

Welcome to The SD Lab, your trusted partner in top-of-funnel sales consulting. We are dedicated to helping businesses optimize their sales processes and achieve measurable results through our customized services.

Our services include The Revenue Accelerator Program, a 14-week intensive program that supercharges your go-to-market motion by focusing on three key pillars: People, Process, and Tech.

We also offer Custom Sales Playbooks that are tailored to your business's unique value proposition, target audience, and sales process to help you close more deals.

Additionally, we provide Team Coaching packages that cover all things top-of-funnel, with personalized feedback and actionable tips to help your team reach their full potential.

I'm Tom Slocum, founder of The SD Lab. I am a 16-year sales veteran with a passion for everything top-of-funnel and the sales development space. I've successfully scaled multiple sales teams. I created & ran a sales community of 1800+ sales reps, and I was a VP of Sales before becoming a founder.

At The SD Lab, our goal is to help businesses remove everyday noise and distractions so they can focus on what matters most - building, scaling and growing their companies to achieve the exit they desire.

With expertise in small business, mid-market, and enterprise, we've helped over 30+ companies achieve a 20%+ increase in meetings booked and pipeline generated.

Partner with us today and let's work together to optimize your sales process and achieve measurable results.

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